HomeGenius Smart Desk Black
HomeGenius Smart Desk Black
HomeGenius Smart Desk Black
HomeGenius Smart Desk Black
HomeGenius Smart Desk Black
HomeGenius Smart Desk Black

HomeGenius Smart Desk

$59.95 USD

Color Selection: Black

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The HomeGenius Smart Desk is an easy and effective ergonomic solution for people suffering from neck and back pain due to prolonged laptop usage.


  • Work Anywhere: Slips over your lap in bed or on the couch securely holding your laptop off your lap. Enjoy the freedom to work comfortably anywhere.
  • Ergonomically Designed: Helps you to compute more comfortably when sitting at a desk. Prevent hunching, reduce glare and sit up straight with our desk.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Made from Aluminum-Magnesium-Alloy, this desk is stable and built to last.
  • Ventilated Base: Dissipates heat to ensure your laptop stays cool all the time and prevents overheating.
  • Travel Friendly: Fully adjustable and portable with a weight of 3.31 lbs, store it easily or carry it with you anywhere.

Multi-functional & Easy Set Up

The HomeGenius Smart Desk can be used as a Laptop Riser, Laptop Desk, Standing Desk, Book Stand, Writing Desk, Tablet Holder, Breakfast Tray, or however you wish to use it.

There is no assembly required. The angle of the desk leg can be adjusted by the spring buckle without additional tools. It can be rotated 360 degrees and you'll be able to lock the position at different angles.

You can also easily press the adjustment knob to adjust the angle. The knob has a scale for you to confirm the angle, so you will be able to adjust the angle precisely to ensure both sides of the desk legs are balanced.

Improves Your Posture

Due to the way laptops are designed, using them almost inevitably leads to poor posture. 

Our desk can be used as a laptop riser or standing desk to improve your posture and prevent back pain from using your device.


Keeps The Heat Away

If you use your laptop on your lap often, prolonged placement of a laptop on the thighs results in a thermal build of around 44 degrees of heat to which causes the skin to respond by developing persistent redness and pigmentation.

Engineered with a ventilated base, our desk ensures your laptop stays cool all the time and helps to keep the heat away from your lap.