PetGenius Dog Sprinkler Blue
PetGenius Dog Sprinkler Black
PetGenius Dog Sprinkler
PetGenius Dog Sprinkler

PetGenius Dog Sprinkler

$54.95 USD

Color: Blue

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Keep Your Pup Hydrated and Happy, Healthy and Happy Pups Start with Fresh Water!


1. Provides Fresh Water

A dog sprinkler ensures that your dog always has access to fresh and clean water. The fountain constantly circulates the water, keeping it free of impurities and oxygenated, which is important for your dog's health.

2. Encourages Hydration

Dogs often do not drink enough water, especially if they are left alone for long periods. An Automatic Drinking Fountain can encourage them to drink more water by making it more accessible and appealing.

3. Reduces Risk of Dehydration

By making water available at all times, an Automatic Drinking Fountain can help reduce the risk of dehydration in dogs, especially during hot weather or when they are recovering from illness.

4. Fun for Your Dog

Many dogs enjoy playing with water, and an Automatic Drinking Fountain can provide a fun and stimulating way for your dog to stay hydrated. The sound of running water may also be soothing to some dogs, which can help reduce anxiety and stress.



Material: ABS

Weight: 36.30 oz

Package includes:

1 Dog Sprinkler


Just like humans, dogs need to cool off too!