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EvoFit Wrist Bottle

$19.95 USD

Color: Orange

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The EvoFit Wrist Bottle is the best way to stay hydrated while you are on the move. This bottle fits comfortably around your wrist, which makes it easy to take anywhere.


  • Hands-Free Hydration: Provides easy access to hydration without the inconvenience of carrying a water bottle, leaving your hands free for other tasks.
  • Quick and Easy Access: The convenience of having your water source right on your wrist encourages regular hydration, ensuring that you remain adequately 
    hydrated during your exercise or outdoor activities.
  • Weight Distribution: Carrying the weight on your wrist can allow for a more balanced distribution of weight, which can aid in maintaining your form during physical activities.
  • Safety and Non-Toxic: Wrist water bottles are typically built with leak-proof and non-toxic materials, ensuring safe, drinkable water throughout your activities.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As a reusable source of hydration, this kind of water bottle can minimize the need for single-use plastic bottles, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

Great for: cycling, walking, morning jogging, marathon running and fitness use.

Product Information:
Color: Orange, Brown, black
Style: Outdoor
Capacity: 200ml
Material: Food grade silicone +PP+ soft Velcro
Size :116*93*71mm