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ChefGenius Spoon Scale
ChefGenius Spoon Scale
ChefGenius Spoon Scale

ChefGenius Spoon Scale

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Color: Light green

Light green
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The ChefGenius Spoon Scale makes ingredient measurement a breeze. It's also compact and dishwasher-safe.


We are introducing the ChefGenius Spoon Scale, the ultimate kitchen tool for precise and convenient cooking and baking! This innovative measuring spoon is designed to make measuring ingredients easy and accurate, even on the go.

  • Precise Measurements: The ChefGenius Spoon Scale helps you get exact measurements, especially when cooking or baking. A slight variation can impact the taste and texture of your dish.
  • Multiple Measurement Units: These spoons often come with various measurement units, which makes it easier to follow any recipe without worrying about unit conversions.
  • Calorie Counting: This spoon can aid in calorie counting, as they help you get exact measurements of your food intake. This can be beneficial for those watching their diet.
  • Space Saving and Adjustable: In many cases, a our spoon can replace a whole set of meausring spoons, saving you space in the kitchen.

    Screen: LED display
    Weighing range: 0.1g-500g
    Battery: 1 x CR2032 button battery (not included)
    Unit: g / oz / gn / ct
    Shutdown time: about 2 minutes after no operation

    This smart measuring spoon is an awesome way to ensure you are cooking with accuracy.