AeroGlide Mouse Wrist Rest Black / Right Hand
AeroGlide Mouse Wrist Rest Silver gray / Right Hand

AeroGlide Mouse Wrist Rest

$19.95 USD

Color: Black

Silver gray

Style: Left Hand

Left Hand
Right Hand
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The AeroGlide Mouse Wrist Rest is the ultimate wrist and mouse pad in one! The soft gel material offers you extra support and relief to reduce pain and numbness when using a computer.



  • GLIDING WRIST REST - The AeroGlide Mouse Wrist Rest glides with the hand, ensuring wrist alignment and relief from stiffness or pain from extended computer use.
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT- This wrist rest is designed by professionals for wrist health, reduces pressure, and ensures a comfortable grip in all positions.
  • GLORIOUS & SMOOTH GLIDING - Enhanced mouse skates provide a smooth glide, allowing for comfortable movement while working or gaming, unlike traditional wrist rest mouse pads.
  • QUALITY & FUNCTION - The mouse wrist rest offers perfect support and comfort, molded from a comfortable cooling material.

HOW TO USE - Before gripping your mouse, take a second to align your palm with the mouse wrist rest. Once your palm is comfortably in the mouse wrist rest, grip your mouse. It may take some time to get used to but your wrist will thank you. It Works for any computer setup, Windows or Apple Mac, and is also available for left or right-handed use. 


Keep your wrists, hand and arm joints in the most comfortable position possible while you type!